Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my sensei Master "K" for supporting my kinbaku studIES, for his patience, motivation, and immense knowledge. His guidance continually helps me to find my own direction in my research, acquisition of skill, and personal conduct. I could not have imagined having a better advisor, teacher and friend for my overall kinbaku education. It is my hope that the evolution of this site honor his teachings.

To Dain, Mary, Jon, and McKenna - thank you for being in my life. You are the family I never had and I am proud to be an integral part of your respective lives. I could never be me without your ever-present support and acceptance of my character and life-decisions. We've all grown in our own ways and I look forward to honoring you with my acheivements.

My sincere thanks also goes to Marissa Lynn for her companionship, creative spirit and generosity of time. Without such creative influence and support it would not be possible for me to conduct my own art. She truly embodies the meaning of muse.

I thank my fellow rope enthusiasts, both from the top and bottom, for the stimulating discussions, for the long sessions working together, and for all the fun we have had over the years. In particular, I am grateful to Remy K Thane for being a constant reminder that one can continue to conduct himself in honorable fashion and never stop learning.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of my friends for supporting me throughout my kinbaku journey in general by sharing in the excitements of my ups and picking me up through all of my downs.



Personal Instruction

Master "K" - sensei (via personalized lessons)

Yukimura Haruki - sensei (via LA Rope Dojo Workshops)

Akira Naki - sensei (via LA Rope Dojo Workshops)

"H" - (via mentorship as apprentice to Master "K" sensei)

"M" - (via mentorship as partner of "H")

Print / e-Book Research & Reference Material

Zukai Torinawajutsu - (1964) ISBN 978-4-8390-0297-8

Pro Lighting: Glamour Shots: A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques - (1995) ISBN 978-0-8230-6431-1

Pro Lighting: Lingerie Shots: A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques - (1995) ISBN 978-0-8230-6466-3

Pro Lighting: Nudes: A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques - (1996) ISBN 978-2-8804-6271-0

Pro Lighting: New Glamour: A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques - (1997) ISBN 978-2-8804-6322-9

Pro Lighting: Portraits: A Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques - (1997) ISBN 978-0-8230-6522-6

Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage - (2005) ISBN 978-9-0807-7062-1

Shashin de oboeru Hojojutsu - (2005) ISBN 978-4-7502-0282-2

Punishment and Power in the Making of Modern Japan - (2007) ISBN 978-1-4008-4929-1

The Beauty of Kinbaku - (2008) ISBN 978-0-6152-4876-9

Various other untranslated Japanese texts


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