At a young age I had an interest in photography - from the vast and varied equipment, the ability to capture a moment in time, and the possibility of connecting with others all moved me at my core.

In 2006 I invested in my first camera and was able to really begin learning the ins and outs of photography. I worked with other friends who were photographers, assisting them on shoots and gaining practical experience - they gave me many valuable tips and advice, and I also began attending workshops to further my skills.

I’ve always found myself creating projects to work on for myself, as a creative outlet. I’m drawn to eroticism, and there is seduction in a sense, to create an image that strikes a chord. I found that when I began working with models, I had the ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and relating to them, making them feel at ease, was a wonderful experience that went beyond just taking their photo. I would consider myself an artist rather than a photographer in the purest sense. Being behind the lens, doing my part to create expressive images is a unique experience. I believe that nudity and sexuality are wonderful examples of the humanity in us all, and I hope to convey that in my imagery.

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