Yzen's kinbaku Journey began in March during a routine breakfast at his favorite diner in Los Angeles, CA, when a newspaper article about kinbaku caught his eye. yzen was so drawn to the imagery that he quickly began researching the subject matter through what various books and instructionals he could find.  Also that year, Yzen purchases his very first camera and entry level Studio lighting kit and would begin seriously connecting with his childhood interest.

Yzen would offer his photography services at no charge to those who wanted specific portraits or professional headshots taken of them.  This gave Yzen solid practical experience in travelling with his gear, lighting subjects, working within the scope of many differing projects, and dealing with the many facets of post-production. He would gain an appreciation for the elements involved to produce a complete work from concept-to-delivery.

After exhausting all resources in his attempt to locate Master K, Yzen was finally provided the opportunity to meet Master K in person. The conclusion of their coffee-talk resulted in Yzen being given the opportunity to prove himself under direct supervision of two of Master K's apprentices. Yzen began leveraging his social connections within the local alternative lifestyle communities and quickly began to practice his technique intensely.

Yzen would frequently perform at a select few alternative lifestyle events, his favorite being Ruin Hollywood - One of Xian Vox's (LA DEAD) Premier Gothic and Fetish Nightclubs in Los Angeles. This experience was not only enjoyable but highly educational in regards on how to session while in a loud and distracting environment. Yzen learned how to work through communication obstacles and improve his attention to detail in regards to model safety.

Once Yzen's skill level and understanding of kinbaku reached a point where he was needing to advance beyond what his current resources could provide, Master K accepted him into his Spring Tiger Ryu as an official student to join a select few individuals whom he elected to dedicate his teachings to as sensei. This is a very proud moment in Yzen's history as he was beginning to feel as if he was starting to realize the many goals he set forth years prior.

After years of study, both in photography and the erotic art of kinbaku, Yzen publishes his (once private) American Deshi website to become a central repository where he can showcase his creative works while at the same time serve as a mechanism to connect with other artists worldwide. His blogsite also functions as a tool to express his opinions through some of his past and present writings.